ToyTalk/ PullString


Pixar alum led startup - pioneers of interactive content

At ToyTalk, we pushed character development and interaction into a bold new space. We created dozens of original characters and stories at the highest level of execution for families to enjoy. At the heart of our experiences was great sound, centering around thousands of lines of performed dialogue and finished with original design, music and a clear and dynamic mix.

ToyTalk also created an entirely bespoke toolset for conversational entertainment, powering rich runtime experiences with the ability to handle 1000s of assets and connect to other industry standard tools such as Unity, Unreal, Wwise and more.

As a ground floor member of this team, I helped design and evolve these experience and tools over several years.

As the audio lead, I was responsible for the audio department's long term advocacy and strategy as well as the sound design vision and execution for a wide range of voice driven experiences, spanning mobile, IOT devices and VR. At PullString we create fully realized audio experiences for emerging mediums while drawing from the principles of a tried and true post production workflow. We've partnered with the world's leading technology & entertainment brands to bring characters to life through conversation for audiences around the world. Our creative team has been recognized for Best of the AppStore by Apple and received a Cannes Lion Award for innovation.